About Us

Having its head office in Hatay, Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency (DOĞAKA) was founded by a Decree Law dated 14.07.2009 and numbered 2009/15236 based on article 3 of Law Nr. 5449 to plan and implement economical and social development with a participatory approach in TR63 Level 2 Region, which covers Hatay, Kahramanmaraş and Osmaniye provinces.
As other 25 development agencies already in the process of establishment countrywide, DOĞAKA also acts for the purpose of accelerating regional development, ensuring its sustainability and minimizing inter-regional as well as in-region development differences by developing cooperation between public, private and all stakeholders from the civil society, providing proper and effective source usage and to mobilize the local potential, in accordance with the principles and policies set forth in national plans and programs.

Its vision of becoming the leader region of Turkey and Middle East in Agriculture, Technology, Trade, Transportation and Tourism fields by improving the region’s economical, social and democratic experience and protecting the natural and cultural environment, which was determined by the participation of Hatay, Kahramanmaraş and Osmaniye stakeholders, is leading all activities of DOĞAKA. Having the mission of paving the way to economical and social development by mobilizing local potentials by means of innovation and entrepreneurial culture and bridging national and international public, private and non-governmental organizations, DOĞAKA, with its stakeholders with whom it has always acted together in planning and implementation processes and also flexible personnel structure that blends motivation and experience, undertakes a key role in the development of Eastern Mediterranean Region. Participation, Innovation, Transparency, Accessibility, Efficiency, Objectiveness, Flexibility, Environmental Awareness, Solution Orientation and Positive Discrimination in favor of disadvantaged groups are the eminent values of DOĞAKA.

DOĞAKA Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency gathers the governors, city mayors, chairmen of commerce and industry chambers as well as the provincial assembly presidents of the three provinces in the decision-making body, the Board of Management. Development Council, which functions as a consulting body, gathers 100 representatives from the public, local managements, universities and civil society. And Secretary General’s Office, which consists of Secretary General, 24 experts and 4 supporting personnel, functions as the executive body of DOĞAKA. Thanks to the Investment Support Offices opened in 3 cities, DOĞAKA endeavors to introduce business and investment opportunities of the region and to improve entrepreneurship in the region.

As of August 2010, as a member of EURADA, www.eurada.org European Association of Development Agencies”, DOĞAKA maintains sharing the most up-to-date approaches in the field of regional development with its partners from Europe and different countries in the world by following good practice examples and successful development models to implement these effectively to TR63 region.

Also as the contact point of Enterprise Europe Network, which offers comprehensive services to SMEs and entrepreneurs by providing solutions suitable for the operation of companies, DOĞAKA supports enterprises in the region to establish foreign partnerships in order to increase their capacities and competitive strength.