Kırıkhan Chief Public Prosecutor's Office Probation Directorate Technical Support Contract Signed

Within the scope of the July-August Term of the Technical Assistance Program for 2019, the Technical Support Agreement was signed for the project, which was prepared by Kırıkhan Chief Public Prosecutor's Office of Probation.

On 09.10.2019, Erasmus + Ka204 Project Preparation Consultancy Service and Workshop for Disadvantaged Persons was signed between Hakan HOŞGÖREN, Probation Director of Kırıkhan Public Prosecutor's Office and Onur YILDIZ, Secretary General of DOĞAKA.

In project scope; At least 1 project will be prepared on a subject that is a European good sample model which is not in the probation system curriculum after the consultancy service and workshop to be carried out and will be presented during the project call period. The capacity of the personnel who have previously received project preparation training will be able to prepare Erasmus + KA 204 projects. Personnel participating in trainings will be role models. The culture of project preparation will be placed in Kırıkhan District.